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Coin/Credit Card Vending Machine with Espresso/Fresh Tea/Instant Beverage -- JL500-ESFB8C

Coin/Credit Card Vending Machine with Espresso/Fresh Tea/Instant Beverage -- JL500-ESFB8C

Coin and Credit Card Operated Vending Machine with Espresso and Fresh Tea and Instant Drink JL500-ESFB8C This Foot Standing Vending Machine vends espresso,fresh tea and instant drink.

Product Details

Coin/Credit Card Vending Machine with Espresso/Fresh Tea/Instant Beverage -- JL500-ESFB8C

  JL500-ESFB8C foot standing coffee machine is a cutting-edge advanced item in vending market,revolutionized traditional  and innovation hybird.Its fast in beverage-making,effecient auto-cleaning with no pollutions,auto-vending system,all these attributes own a great reputation in maket.

Credit card(Need MDB Protocal );

Coin/Cash acceptor;

Coin changer;

JL500-ESFB8C Main Features:

1 Coffee bean grinder(Made in switzerland with perfect function);

1 coffee bean containers;

1 coffee bean brewer(made in switzerland);

1 Fresh tee brewer(Jetinno patent,highly recommend);

6 instant containers;

3 High Speed Mixers(made in switzerland);

10.1”touch screen display(highly facilitate to operate);

30 kinds of beverage are options utmost;

Operation software(developed by Jetinno);

JL500-ESFB8C Module System Optional:

Sugar container on door;

Water pump system;

4G Module system;

Payment System(produced according to different countries' currency system);

Refrigeration system;

JL500-ESFB8C Drink Menu:


Instant coffee;

Instant cappuccino;

Hot milk;

Hot chocolate;

Chocolate milk;



Long coffee;

Double long coffee;

Instant tea;

Milk tea;

Instant soup;


Black tea;

Green Tea;

Instant Tea;



Other customized beverage;

JL500-ESFB8C Normal Information:

Power MainsAC230v/50HZ
Maximum power2700W
Fuse15A (England: 13A)
Size1830mm *664mm * 700mm
Water inlet pressure0.5 – 7 BAR
Design life span125000 circles
Instant product speed20s (120ml)   Espresso coffee speed, 40s (30ml)
GuaranteeOne year
CertificateCE&food safety certificate

Jetinno-intelligent,reliable,innovation.Your loyal coffee vending partner!

If you are interested in our Coin/Credit Card Vending Machine with Espresso/Fresh Tea/Instant Beverage -- JL500-ESFB8C, welcome to buy the quality machine with our professional manufacturers in China. The wholesale service and the customized service are also available.


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